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Basketball Gods: The Transformation of the Enlightened Jock

The sequel to the critically acclaimed memoir, Longshot, Lance Allred returns with, Basketball Gods: The Transformation of the Enlightened Jock, where his story left off in 2008, sharing his time and experiences in the NBA as well as dealing with a major publisher for his first book, while life continues to take him around the world through the game of basketball, challenging his dreams and reality at every turn. Much to his disillusionment, he discovers that reality seldom lives up to our fantasies, especially in these hard financial times that have been felt by everyone, even professional athletes.

Basketball Gods is a book about acceptance, about picking up the pieces as you go along, while providing insight into the supposedly glamorous world of professional sports. It is a story about basketball. A story about spirituality, as well as forgiveness. Most importantly, it is a story about life.

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