Being born in a polygamist commune in rural Montana, I never had the luxury of sign language to help with my hearing loss. Nor did I like my hearing aides, because they reminded me that I wasn’t “Normal.” But my mother made me go to speech therapy and she made me wear my hearing aides. At the time I resented her for it, but I now know she was wanting me to have the best chances possible of a successful life.

But I do not think she was aware of how bold she was forcing me to be. Unconsciously, she was forcing me so far out of my comfort zones, that I was never allowed any comfort zones.

Because of that, I have very very comfort zones. If I could travel the world, speaking broken English on every continent through various cultures, communicating through awkward and tense moments, continually pushing myself out of my comfort zones, what is your excuse to not step outside of your comfort zone?

There is a big world out there waiting for you to step into it!

We were not born to be caged within out comfort zones.

What comfort zones have settled in, physically and emotionally, to protect yourself from pain, never daring to take risk? And have those comfort zones short-changed your life experiences as an adult?

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