Cliche Alert: It is always darkest before dawn.

Not just professionally speaking, but as a human, as a man, who has struggled with depression, yes, even suicidal depression, I know this pain. I know this struggle.

I know this struggle.

Even as a kid, I struggled with suicidal depression due to bullying. Seratonin imbalance is a genetic trait in my family. And it sucks. I get it.

But I have always chosen to get up every time, every morning, even when everything is bleak and there is no proverbial light even remotely visible at the end of the tunnel. And yet, I have been through it enough times to know that when it truly is darkest, life is preparing me for a major shift, and sometimes that shift is simply: Clarity.

Here are things I have learned to help me endure these dark times:

  1. Exercise. Yes, I know you have heard this. Even if it just means taking a walk with your dog. And that remind me. Get a pet. Something. Hell, even a pet fish.
  2. 5-htp. This is a great, natural, over-the-counter supplement that doesn’t kill your creativity and personality. I have been on all sorts of medication, but 5-htp is the most efficient for me.
  3. Blow open the Matrix: Learn to be aware of your thought patterns. You will notice your tendencies and habits, and though habits. And when you do that, you become much more objective about your mental health and realize you might be choosing to play a role. Instead, be aware of your thought patterns, be accountable and responsible for them!

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