Failure to me, simply means you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. That you are trying something new. And there is nothing to be ashamed about that.

People are afraid of this word called, “failure,” because they feel it is a representation of their worth and value and nothing could be further from the truth. Yet, most people are afraid of failing because they fear what others will think of them. Who are you even living your life for?!

I have spent too many hours of my life, living my life for the opinion and praise of others. I will never get those hours back.

To me the true essence of the meaning of failure, is mediocrity: playing it safe, within your bubble, within your comfort zone, never daring to take risk.

I have failed so many times in my life, and I pick myself up every time. And that is why I am successful. It is not easy. It is hard work. But I choose to live life on my terms, going out my way.

Go be bold. Fail. Fail a million times. And get back up every time. And you will have a life of distinction. I promise you.

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