I heard the cliche “You are only as good as your last game,” so many times as a player and it was crippling. It kept us focused on the past, in a place of regret and guilt, instead of being present and ready for the next game. Same goes for your shots. Leave them behind, in their proper place, made or missed and move on to the next shot.

This parallel holds true for life. You are going to make mistakes. Life is a game of mistakes, just like basketball. It all comes down to who has the gumption and grit to pick themselves up and keep playing on, learning through their mistakes.

You are going to make mistakes. Play on.

Learn from your mistakes. Learn your lessons. Develop wisdom. Apply it. That is how you will be successful. Successful people are suddenly just successful: they are people who chose to quickly learn from their mistakes and apply them to future challenges.

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