First off- we have to clarify how we are defining “success.”

Most people define success by the size of their bank account. I define it by the quality and depth of my closest relationships, the peace and solitude of my daily thoughts, the amount of opportunities that I have to give and be of service to others... if I am simply, happy and at peace. That is success to me.

I define success to be whether I am simply happy and at peace.

One way that I ensure I have peace is through high quality relationships. Relationships that I have developed and nurtured through many lessons learned. When I was younger, I had to always win, even at board games. And I would willingly sacrifice my friendships. It was because I was so insecure, needing to believe that if I won, then somehow I had value, or more value than I did before.

I tarnished a lot of friendships because of my immaturity.

But I have chosen to step into an authentic space, knowing my self-worth is never in question, which allows me to be more vulnerable with others and more caring about their needs. I don’t need to win, and if I do, I do it humble. And if I lose, I lose graciously, knowing my friendships and relationships are more valuable than my bank account.

Relationships are the strongest currency in the world, not the dollar bill.

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