Are you feeling underwhelmed with life?



Sometimes we have to lessen our expectations from life and others, so that we aren’t always disappointed or let down.

But there are other times, where we need to actually start asking bigger questions:

Am I here to live from paycheck to paycheck?
Am I here to collect a bunch of possessions, bills and debt, and then die?
Am I here to always follow orders and rules by authority figures, and take their statements and opinions at face value... as fact?
Am I here, rather, to be extension of the human experience? To go and gather as much information and memory as I can, to help the greater consciousness of humanity?
Am I here to be bold? To do it my way. On my terms?
Am I here to swing for the fences, every time? Because this is my one life. Why not?

Ask yourself these bold questions, and see what your heart tells you.

All it takes is the first step.

I have never worried too much about the details... I let them take care of themselves as I trust my intuition will let me know what to prioritize and when.

It is your life. Live it your way. Why not?

It is your life. Live it your way.

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