Granted, no one likes a “ball hog,” but when you pass up your good or the best shot available it is the equivalent of a turnover as someone else is forced to take a bad shot which leads to a fast break opportunity for the other team. Teammates who passed up the right shot were playing in fear... fear of failure. And when you are avoiding failure, you are avoiding success.

If you are afraid of failure, you are afraid of success.

You can’t have success without the feedback of failure.

Every good opportunity on the basketball court, or life that I didn’t take my shot at, is an opportunity that was not going to come back my way. You gain wisdom and experience by being willing to miss and to fail, and that experience and wisdom in turn helps you learn what makes a good shot and what is a bad shot and so with each shot attempt you take, you get better at learning what are the good shots going forward.

Every good shot you don’t take is 0% from the field

You miss every shot you don’t take.

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