One-on-One Coaching with Lance Allred


One-on-One Coaching with Lance Allred


The Athlete has now become the Coach.

Be it TEDx or speaker training, or one-on-one coaching to help you break through your comfort zones, Lance will work with you to get the results in your life that you are seeking.

It will be hard work. It will be uncomfortable. And it will take commitment.

Truths that Lance knows about all too well.


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Get raw access and coaching from Lance Allred, the first deaf player in NBA History, to help you along your path to busting out of your comfort zones and chase the life you want to live.

"Lance was huge in me getting my TEDx proposal admitted past the first stage. Within an hour, he helped me rewrite my pitch and most importantly, find the "Idea worth sharing," within my message. He did it with so much ease, it was inspiring and instilled so much confidence." - Michael P.

"Thanks to Lance, who has never been afraid to take risk, I took a leap of faith myself and finally started my company that I had been procrastinating for years. I am now my own boss, living on my terms. Thank you." - Meghan T.

"Everything that Lance shares is from his own experiences. He isn't another annoyingly super-positive guru. He has been through pain. And he wasn't afraid to share those stories to help me work through my own pain." - Bryce A.