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"Lance was consistent and kept bringing me back to the fundamentals that he preaches in his book. He kept me focused on the truth of what I was really trying to say, never allowing me to get lost in tangents that would have detracted from my true message."

- Dr. Jaynee Poulson


"I only had two weeks to prepare for my talk and in that limited time Lance gave me so much information and helped me prepare with confidence. I am proud of what I was able to do with the short prep time I had and Lance was a big piece of that. Thank you, Brother."

- Curtis G. Marsh

"Lance added a dimension to my TEDx experience that was made uniquely possible by his own amazing talk and experiences. Not only was he able to recognize opportunities for my essential voice and message to shine through, he also helped me to stay dedicated to it with honesty and clarity."

- Amy Shaffer

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