“Lance spoke to our students in the Advanced Leadership Program in the Park City School District. He was easily their favorite speaker of the year. Not only was his insight extremely valuable to them when it came to defining what makes a leader, but his personal anecdotes and experiences around the globe give him the credibility that many pretend to have. He is the real deal. He has walked the walk, and that puts him head and shoulders, both literally and figuratively, above the rest when it comes to speakers.”

-Moe Hickey, President Park City School Board

“Lance Allred came to our school and spoke to our students following a crisis on campus.  With short notice, Lance was able to rearrange his schedule and help our students through this difficult time. His story of perseverance and standing up against bullying both captivated and helped our students process a vast number of emotions. Lance was charismatic, endearing and his speech deeply heartfelt, inspiring the students and the staff. I strongly recommend him.”

- Kelly Tauteoli, Principal, Union Middle School

“As a high school principal and state leadership director, I have had the opportunity to hear many presenters and speakers.  Not all of them have a message worthy of taking up academic instruction time.  Our assembly time with Lance was well spent as we took the time to focus on the emotional well-being of our students. There is much more to Lance than just being the first deaf player in the NBA as he shared a powerful message with our student body who was still suffering the effects of two student suicides the previous year. Lance is able to reach across a wide range of listeners; including parents.  I hope to work with Lance for years to come as he continues to share his message of perseverance with others.”

- Charisse Hilton, Principal, Brighton High School, Executive Director of Utah Association for Student Councils

"Lance spoke to our high school and what was really impressive is that he used his principles and experiences and merged them with our schools keys in a seamless manner.  It set the tone for our year and our students have asked me numerous times if we could have him back.  At the end of the presentation students were lined up to talk to Lance.  Several students shared their own story and opened up to him in a very intimate and personal way.  He talked with these students with empathy and understanding and they were validated in that exchange."

- Brett T. Wilson, Principal/CEO Academy for Math, Engineering and Science

“Lance was engaging, enlightening and motivating.  During the presentation, the students were truly engaged, participatory and inspired to participate and in some cases, moved to tears.  There are lessons from Lance’s presentations that fit in to everyone’s life in some aspect or another.  People are better off after learning from Lance’s message- life’s lessons for everyone!”

- Dr. Anthony Grieco, Executive Director, Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18

"Lance Allred was easily one of the best presentations I have ever heard a speaker give to such an audience. It's no easy feat to talk to teenagers and not only keep their undivided attention, but to also connect with them on a personal level. He did so without ever talking down to them. As well, Lance was just as rewarding for us teachers and administrators because he was still resonating with us on an adult level. He had both teachers and students crying and laughing. I strongly recommend Lance, knowing he will have a huge impact on our younger generation."

-Marilyn Williams, Principal, Canyons School District

"Lance was completely authentic and honest, which is what kids gravitate to immediately. The message Lance is giving to young people (and older people like me) is not only uplifting, but goes to the heart of finding out who we are and why we all have value."

-Tabb George, Customer Relations Coordinator, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

“It is very easy for me to praise the presentation Lance gave here at Penn State. What impressed me most about Lance, is that he was just a real nice person; a person that I wanted to know better. A person who in a short amount of time, made us all feel that he was a very close friend.”

-Susan Hayya, Community Even Coordinator, Penn State University

“Lance has crossed all kinds of cultural barriers in his global travels, and he has the gift of expressing himself brilliantly in each one. He was a hit when he spoke at our university in Japan- where it’s not always easy to hit it off so quickly. His warmth, honesty and wit wins friends everywhere-sports fans or otherwise.”

-Stephen Richmond, Professor of English, Kyoto Gakuen University