"When Lance speaks, he is speaking directly to you.  No matter how many people are in the room, you will feel as if you are having coffee with an old friend.  You don't hear his story; you are invited to join him on the journey.  I cannot recommend him highly enough as a speaker. Your group won't just learn something: They will want to be better."

- Brian Savage, Director of Events & Logistics, Parliament of the World's Religions

"We received great feedback from the audience regarding Lance, which only affirms the measure of his success in maintaining a captive and engaged audience. His level of professionalism, coupled with his charisma and appeal, radiated confidence and enthusiasm to our audience- keeping the ceremony entertaining for us all."

- Alexsandra Mubarak, Event Planner, AG Bell

"Lance took us on a roller coaster of emotions ranging from laughing hysterically to tears. While he gave us a glimpse into some of his life experiences, he inspired with his responses of empathy and compassion as few people do, portraying immense strength in his vulnerability.”

- Jamie Siglin, Advanced Certified QB Pro Advisor & Accounting, It LLC Principal

"Lance Allred’s story is something everyone can learn and gain strength from. Lance has the ability to capture the audience’s attention and hold it through humor, tears and passion. I highly recommend Lance Allred to speak to your youth, business professionals and family. You will walk away having gained not only a friend, but a mentor for many years to come."

-Stephanie Wright, President Murray Area Chamber of Commerce

“Lance is larger than life.  His story of overcoming physical challenges and social stigma to become a professional on one of the world’s biggest stages is captivating.  Despite his achievements, he remains approachable and exudes a powerful humanity.  If you are looking for a keynote speaker that inspires character as much as success, Lance is your guy.”

-Keoki Andrus, Ceo of Xactivity, Creator of Microsoft Office

“What a story. And an even better storyteller. Lance Allred blew away our expectations and went even further. Funny, and disarmingly honest, he connected with our entire team. He is the epitome of a leader and understands the fine nuances of what it takes to have a successful team. Highly recommended for anyone, no matter the company or the setting. He is that good.”

-John Greig, CEO of SportsCstr

“Lance presented his triumphant story to our large, diverse team and we were completely engaged, motivated, and inspired by the event. At first many of the team were wondering what an athlete would be able to say to them that actually would make a difference. Lance far exceeded their expectations.”

-Joseph Kennedy, Vice President of Sales, Remedy Informatics

“In Lance, I’ve not only found a new friend, but a mentor as well. He’s an inspiration and a gift to all.  If you’re not touched and motivated by him and his “take” on life and leadership, then frankly, you’re not alive and certainly not listening.”

-Michael Perlman, Mergenthaler Transfer