What is L Squared?


Throughout Lance's career he wore the jersey- #41. He chose this number based on a Dave Matthews Band song he heard when he was a teenager (back when Dave was cool, of course) titled, #41. 

In the song Dave says, "I will go in this way, and find my own way out."

Lance somehow knew this lyric was foreshadowing the journey ahead of him.

Through highs and lows, Lance was always on his own path, marching to his own beat, doing his best to keep his integrity through it all: the politics, the heartaches, the triumphs. His number became a part of him, synonymous, a theme to who he was becoming as a man. 

And now that he is transitioning into greater and more fulfilling challenges, having accomplished the things he wanted to accomplish in basketball, Lance realized his number too, needed to evolve with him. He often saw the number 41, as being 4 lower cased L's. And now that he is growing up, the L's are growing up as well, into Capital L's, 4L. With each L representing a facet to Lance's new endeavors: The Speaker, The Writer, The TV/Radio Personality and The Athlete (Basketball Camps for Deaf Teens)

Furthermore, the L-square, as anyone who has built any structure knows, is paramount to building a sound, squared structure. The right angle of the L-square will never let you down. It's always true. And Lance knows, if he remains true to himself, and as a father to his son, he cannot fail. 

Lance will always be #41.


"I will go in this way, and find my own way out."